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Born in Atlanta, raised around the world.

I spent the early portion of my childhood in the Bay Area (CA) and Ghana Accra (Africa). Then continued most of my childhood in Ithaca (NY).

I've been privileged enough to have traveled all around the world, participate in Environmental and Social Justice work, meet Amazing people and follow the journey of who I want to be.

My Blog features everything I find important, beautiful, and spiritual, while reflecting my artistic interests.

Peace, Sequoya.

Take care of self because no one can do it for you. (continued)

Take care of self because no one can do it for you.
Others can help you along the journey of life and love but only you can help your self.
Those who appreciate your blessings and your spirit will try to earn your presence …
Don’t allow those who can’t appreciate all you have to give, the power to take everything from you.

It’s often the hardest path to learn but truly love yourself first because you’ll reap the greatest reward in the end.

Live life with love & Love life to start living.

S.L (5/8/13)

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